A clear day in March, a long walk in Wallingford.
Houses have personality also, look at that orange house for example what it does tell you.
Its number is 1427, although it prefers to go by its nickname "Orange House", it likes to prepare food and works as a restaurant; when it is not working, like to show off its colors to the neighbors, in its free time trim its tree and collect water from the rain, also it worries about accessibility providing a ramp for wheelchair. 
See! House and buildings have personalities. Let's try another one.
Its name is Kozue, is a Japanese restaurant, it serves Udon, Soba, Ramen, Sukiyaki, Tempura. It also like to show its drawings of food, a way to be clear with its customers, but also puts some of its word in Japanese to keep its characters. It is kinda reserved as you have to close the gate in order to enter, and fence protects its intimacy.
Building personalities are strange at first, not very obvious to human eyes, but are there. Could you give a personality to the others, what do you see?

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