Wow! A post about blossoms!
A cloudy afternoon in April, a trip from the Universe of Blossom.
A bit of context, every year at University of Washington takes place the annual festival of blossoms, what is celebrated? Cherry Blossoms and I'm there to look and admire them.
The Bird o' Blossom.
The House o' Blossom
The Blossoms
Cloud Seekers
Rainy Blossom
In a windy day, surrounded with blossoms and clouds.
Capture the moment before the petals fall.
Capture the time before the rain wash away.
Capture the life before the spirits awake.
Blossom of the Winds
West, North, East, and South. Pinks everywhere you look at.
Yourself at the center, look at every direction, and you will be able to find the everything.

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